Reset Your Life

This journey is all about YOU.
Find out how

Freedom starts within

YoI believe in Unconditional love that can set us FREE.

Each of us has the ability to be free

Free From:

  • Educational limitations
  • Society labels
  • Personal “contracts”
  • Beliefs that do not serve you
  • Society entrapment 

Your emotions are the key to your freedom.

babbling brook

Free souls

Freedom is our birth gift

Conquer that freedom back with Love

happy man
happy woman
happy child
happy couple

About You

You are unique

You are Mind – Heart – Body – Spirit

You have unlimited possibilities

You are not alone


Love yourself “unconditionally” 
Create the Life you want 
Discover / Unleash your potential

About Me

asasI am a woman – mother – entrepreneur I love Life to the T.

I come from a mixed culture Africa – Netherlands & Belgium.

I grew up in a small village in Belgium with my grand-mother up to the age of 12, then I moved to a big city Brussels to live with my mother.

My grand-mother loved me “unconditionally” and gave me great values to live by.

Trust – Honesty – Love.

I raised my 3 amazing children since 20 years as a single parent, and I passed them these values.

I love to travel  meet new cultures & people to connect authentically with, learn from them, share with them.

After a career of 30 years in corporate life where 12 years as en entrepreneur I can reflect on a lot of experience & learnings that have served me well to help others thrive. 

My “purpose” is to work with you, share my wisdom. You will connect Mind – Heart – Body – Spirit, you will discover and unleash your highest potential. You will find your PURPOSE in this life

With Love & Wisdom

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them

We’ve Got you covered

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