6 Weeks Life Reset Program

 Create THE You That You Want To Be!

Why: RESET your life

You learn to :

  • Transmute – Connect – Accept – Align
  • Let go of you beliefs that hold you back
  • Let go of the pain & trauma you build during your life
  • Let go of what doesn’t bring you joy…
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Hi! I’m Annick.

My intention for these 6 weeks is to support you in your journey to transmute:

  1. Reset your energy & BE
  2. Create the Awareness of Being
  3. It is ok to BE you build confidence
  4. Let go of what doesn’t serve you
  5. Connect with your higher self

To transmute, align you need to connect with your higher self, even Einstein was connected

I was scheduled to launch this program in a life setting in May 2020, but Covid 19 came in March. I took time to reflect on what was happening to me and to the globe.

By getting a lot of questions from my clients on creating value for others on a bigger scale, I started creating this 6+1 week journey for you. This is the perfect moment in time to launch my program. End of the year is near, but even better 2021 is at the door, our resilience is tested here, and my program will help you in becoming stronger in your resilience in your day to day life.

What to expect

I teach what I know, what I have learned, experienced, applied and seen it work for me and my clients. I know there is a lot of frustration, anger, fear, doubt out there, and guess what it is all over the globe.

This 6 week program is a light way for you to reset your energy on major areas of your life for YOU. This journey is all about YOU.

We can only Love when we Love ourselves unconditionally. See it as a journey, a date with yourself, getting to know how you think – feel – react in these main areas

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Mind – Heart – Body – Soul

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Through the first 4 weeks you learn who you are, what decisions you take and why you take them.

Week 5 is about zooming into our beliefs, patterns. What decisions you are taking that do not serve your 4 area’s Mind – Heart – Body – Soul. You will understand how to unleash and let go what doesn’t serve your best interest.

Week 6 you create your Personal map, this is a map where your create clarity in these 4 areas, Mind – Heart – Body – Soul.

A Personal map is a powerful tool for you to “visualize” with clarity the journey you have disigned to grow and blossom in this moment in time.

Week 7 is my gift to you. After these 6 weeks you will experience yourself in a different, more aligned way. It is alla bout staying aligned with yourself, not letting stress or fear take over your life, I will share with you a few tools, that have helped me through my journey of growth and Blossom. Breathing techniques to apply where and whenever, visualizations to connect in an instant with your higher self…

Beginning December 11, 2020
The 6 Week Life Reset Program includes the following amazing weeks:


Week 1 : Mind

Learning how your mind works, how to manage it and be in control of it

Week 2 : Heart

Emotions build our beliefs and character, how do we handle our emotions
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Week 3: Body

Be conscious of your body, inside & out. Understand – Accept – Love it.


Week 4 : Soul

Discover how to connect & align with your higher self.
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Week 5 : Letting Go

Let go of what doesn’t serve you in your life. Build practices, Rituals that support your Reset.

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Week 6: Reset

Create your personal map. Mind- Heart – Body – Soul set.

Plus this amazing bonus!

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Week 7: Skills

Learn to Master your mind, Be the highest version of yourself. Fill your heart with Joy.




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