How to Create Balance in Your Life

Aug 30, 2018

Life can be so frantic at moments, and from what I hear from my clients it can be frantic for a long time.
Balancing work, family, social life and then finding time for yourself, wow ”Impossible”.

I meet my clients when they get overwhelmed by their frantic life and feel it is time to change, but the how part is the hardest for them, so they turn to me.
Do you experience that to, days are full, work – family – activities – social life, some people even follow a training in the evenings or in the weekends.

I see people not giving themselves the permission to admit they are tired, just keeping up the appearance that all is ok. This can be really dangerous for your mental & physical health.

Our life has changed so much through times, and today in an era of full technology we have less time and much more pressure, pressure to perform in all areas of our life.

Women feel the urge to be “perfect” in many ways, professionally, as a partner, as a mom, socially, looking great and slim. I have seen women in my coaching session looking confident when they come in, but once we start the work, they are so doubtful about their selves and their life. This doubt puts so much pressure on them that sometimes they can’t sleep at night, so there you have your brain not resting what affects your total body health by the lack of sleep. There is a great lack of confidence with a lot of women.

Men it is all about performance! Perform in business is the main area, then the family is the taking care of, social life is to enjoy with others. Men are getting more open to conversations, to show their vulnerability but not all men, this is a small %. In this urge to perform in many areas of their life, they compare themselves to others, professionally, it is important to please and meet the expectations of their partner, and socially what will people thing… Having a good position, making big money, driving a fancy car, going on holiday. Showing off is important for men…

So, I see there is a great need/desire to change, to improve the quality of life, to have less pressure to handle, to spend more time with the ones we love, to get time for ourselves…

But HOW, my job is still there, my family is still the same, my kids have all these activities, and I have my career path I can’t stop!

So how is it possible to create more balance when the circumstances are not changing?

This is where my “magic” comes in . From when I can remember as a child I’ve always been pushed to “perform”. My mom didn’t want me, so when I was born, ok I was cute, but I was a burden she didn’t want. so, this has been the fundament of my life not being a burden for others.

Can you imagine what it looks/feels like? Being alive and visible but always checking out that everybody is happy, family, business, social just everybody, only then I could be satisfied.


I discovered this fundamental belief some years ago. Through time I learned that I am enough, I’m great, I deserve the best, I deserve all of it certainly when I put the effort in it.
So, I learned to re-program myself. And this has broth me total balance, more success, freedom I never had before.

In each coaching or training I gave I did put some of my techniques I used for myself, and could see the results within the participants, conversations were opening, people shared their story, after they went home some made huge changes in their life.

What lights up my fire is seeing YOU happy, feeling that your fire is ON, this is the reason I created my programs to share whit you what I’ve been learning for 20 years. I will share for 100% the Pro’s – the pitfalls – the hard moments – the Successes.

I did all my work by myself and it was hard, I didn’t find that person to whom I could go to help me grow, so I read books, followed trainings and created my new routines, my goals, my gifts, my success.

Life is a great road where you get to see a lot of different things, experience a lot, feel a lot. The only important thing is how you experience each step of the road.
Know that you are not alone feeling this way, having to cope with thoughts like:

  • Feeling of not being enough
  • Not having enough confidence
  • Need to perform
  • Need to be perfect or get it all perfect

If you feel you don’t want to keep on feeling this way, if you think it is time to change, if you think there must be more in life than this!

Time to discover other roads with a totally different landscape, let’s just have a chat, call me.

Sending you much love.


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