From Fear to Freedom

Jul 14, 2018

During my 15 years of coaching I often get to a point where my clients have situations in their life that are led by Fear, intangible fears. It’s not like being afraid of sharks when your swimming in the ocean, there is a “little” chance you can see a shark but it doesn’t mean it will hurt you. This kind of “shark” fear is a tangible fear.

Different fears like:

  • Fear to lose my job
  • Fear not to have enough money to support my family Fear not to be enough
  • Fear that my partner would cheat
  • Fear of being a bad parent
  • And so on…..

I’ve always shared my 3 steps to support facing the fear in your life, no matter what kind of fear.

So let’s go through these steps together.

  1. Write down what kind of fears do you have – list them up
    •  Ask yourself how does this fear benefit you, serves you.
    • Get into that fear and feel how it feels when you are in that fear state of mind, really feel how you feel.
    • How does that feeling-state support you? Does it bring you answers –solutions – does it make you happy
  2. Now think of happy thoughts, moments in your life you can visualize and feel the happiness fill you up.
    • Write down how this feeling of happiness benefits you
    • In this happiness feeling-state can you see solutions, are you creative, write all this down.
  3. Now compare both feelings, I like to do this exercise with 2 chairs, sit on one and feel the fear, be totally into it, again feel how it benefits you, what good is it bringing you? Then get up and shake this fear off, go and sit on chair 2, feel your happy feeling-state, feel it deeply just let it flow and see what this brings you. Most of the time it brings you peace of mind & body, brings answers, and more.

The best advice I can give you is to repeat this, you can do this as a new routine where you pick a moment every day where you do this. The more you will practice this, the better you get at it, and at a point in real fear situations you will automatically pop into the happy feeling, because the fear feeling you do not like it.

Know that it is all happening in your mind, it comes from a thought that has been repeated over and over again, after it just stays in your system.

Fear can give you 3 kinds of reactions: Freeze – Flight – Fight, in my coaching I see that most of the time it is Freeze & Flight that people experience.

Know that letting fear master your life can create illness in your physical body!

It can be challenging, but believe me I’ve been through that also and waisted too much time with my fears. Today I’m free of them and this gave me so much expansion in my life.


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