From Frantic to Free

May 4, 2018

Frantic, frantic in your life.
Your focus is on getting everything done.
Work, be great, deliver on time maybe more than expected.
Life, be a great partner, parent, child.
Frantic you got me in your hand.

Well I see this every day around me, and being in this frantic I can get pulled into it as well.

But how much positive energy is this frantic giving you?

So here are 3 simple steps to get to meet Frantic and handle it:


1.   Acknowledge that it is a frantic situation! You believe it’s normal, your just running around the place and you have been doing that for a long time. Maybe it’s the way you have been raised, “in life you need to work hard”… Well my advice is whenever you are having a coffee, ask yourself why you are drinking that coffee, how does it make you feel, and why are you just keeping doing it over and over again.

2.   Now that you acknowledge “Frantic”, ask yourself is this really necessary? Take a piece of paper when your mind is leading its own life and your daydreaming, write down your specific “Frantic” area’s.

  • Work: when is “Frantic” coming up – how do I jump into it without noticing it at the moment – how is my result at that time, am I happy with the work I deliver – how does it affect my mind & body?
  • Life: When is “Frantic” joining me? At what moment am I feeling tense – when am I feeling irritated – who/what is responsible for this in your mind at that specific moment – how is the result that you produce at the moment work for you and others – how do you feel mind & body?

3.   Take a piece of paper and start writing down for the 2 main areas in your life how you picture it being perfect. How would you like your work day to look & feel like. In what aspect can you play a role in this to get in touch with that peaceful feeling. In your daily Life at home, with partner, kids, just in your private time, how would you like an ideal day to look & feel like.


My advice to you while doing this, it can take some days to write this down, I know for me some years ago it was a huge confrontation, I thought I had it all under control. What a Joke I was. 🙂 I encourage you to do the exercise with a genuine intention to understand/see/feel, not to judge yourself!


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Don’t worry, “Free” is on it’s way, you will be happy to get the feeling/results fast once you start.

Today my purpose is to help you get out of that rat-race and connect with your true genuine “freedom”. Step by step but with great empowered result as guarantee.

Sending you much love.



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