Apr 30, 2019

What makes you happy?

The pursuit of happiness is something we all do.
Happiness is a feeling, that each of us defines in their own way.

Some feel happy when they just got their paycheck.
Some feel happy when they are home with their family.
Some feel happy when they have something to eat.

This feeling of happiness is different for each of us.

Happy child
The basic that we all need are the same for all Human beings:

• We need food
• We need water
• We need a home – a place to stay
• We need relationships – family – friends – social relationships


These are the basics we all need to survive on this planet.

So to be able to find “your” happiness it is important to understand/feel what makes you happy. In this digital world, even I can get lost by seeing so much information, getting triggered all the time, our brain is not used to that, or did not evolve as fast as our digital world has.

You can have it all, start looking at what is all for YOU, not for someone else.

It can be losing weight, that would be awesome!

It can be saving some money or more money because there is something you want to invest in or create more freedom.

It can be, being more empathic with the people around you.

The path to finding what genuinely makes you happy doesn’t need to be heavy or complex, start with small things, it is so important to enjoy small things.

I know it sounds cliché, but when you can enjoy small things, your basket of happiness is filled whit much more moments than if you wait for big things to happen.

Seeing what makes you unhappy or frustrates you will give your freedom because often they are small things that suck our energy away. It is your time to check it out and start with some “spring” cleaning.

Are you ready to find out what makes you happy and uplift your energy? Download my cheat sheet that will help you find your Happy spots.

With Love xoxo

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