The Pain of feeling Stuck

Jan 29, 2019

Having responsibilities – not being able to go where you want when you want. Being accountable, just feeling so stuck in life.

Do you recognize this feeling of being or feeling stuck? You want to do things but due to circumstances or lack of time or money you’re not doing it, you feel so stuck.

I was feeling stuck at a point in my life, being a single parent, I had the full responsibility over my kids, creating the possibilities for them to get the life I wanted them to have. Improving my business, growing the business, getting more clients, keeping them happy. Wanting to be fit and get my body back.

I had a lot of things that were really going well for me, but I didn’t feel fulfilled or authentically happy. My soul was crying on a daily basis to break out of this life.

So, I truly started to look at my life, all the actions I was taking to keep it all well and running, keeping everybody happy and engaged.
What I discovered is that I was Great in doing everything to keep everybody happy, except myself. BAM in my face, the coach who didn’t pay enough attention to herself!

In the instant I started looking at the things that didn’t increase my feeling of happiness. I listed them up and started taking actions to re-arrange my life.
I Re-Signed from commitments, responsibilities I had been taking and created simplicity for my mind and focus on myself.

This was the first step of my 12 months transformation path.

The best advice I can give you, is to start simple, life gives all of us enough of “must” do’s, responsibilities and wanting to change it all at once can be a huge challenge.
But to be sure to get started, start simple and easy.

Butterfly flying free





What do you want to flip in your life?


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