your personal growth

Mind – Heart – Body – Spirit 

Coaching is a way to help you mirror your thoughts – desires – fears – challenges.

A coach is someone who supports you without any expectations or judgement.

A “good” coach asks a lot of questions because you have all the answers inside 

Coaching can help you evolve & integrate faster– achieve goals you only dreamed of until now

Coaching is a way to dive deeper into yourself & unleash your potential

Great leaders, entrepreneurs have a coach,

Discover through coaching what is holding you back to live the life you want

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Clear Channeling with amara

Channeling is the ability to connect with guides from another dimension. 

A Channel is the individual that is like a radio where the guides come through to deliver their message a

Through “Channeling” connect with your guides that are there to assist you in your personal “awakening”

Healing where it is needed to support your growing process

A path to Activation – receiving Conscious Downloads

My Bliss is 

Coaching - Mirroring

Create the Life you want

Create your Inner Freedom

 See it – Feel it – Be it

Keep your energy high

Dare to live your life & shine

Align your work/business with the life you want

How to create Balance in your life, so you attract all you want like a Magnet


Clear Channel

Connect with your “higher self”

Connect with your Guides

Receiving healing from your guides

Activation & Conscious download

Live your Highest excitement

Learn how to lift your vibration and keep it high


I Share with you all my experience, all the development trainings & retreats I’ve followed to expand my knowledge. 
You are ready to disclose your true potential
You are curious to learn how all connects
You are seeking true inner growth 

Programs & sessions

One-On-One Sessions

60 or 90 minutes

Get clarity on your quest 

Align Your potential with who you are

Create balance in your life

Attract what you need

Cultivate Faith & Self Love

6 Weeks Program

6 weeks

Online, 1 session a week, 2 Hr/sessions

Pre-recording – Preparing work – live sharing & feedback  – Peer learning – Buddy system 

**Let the magic begin**


6 Month Program

6 months

You are ready to dive deep

You want to create and get the results you want in your life

You are ready to commit to yourself

This is a combi approach, online & live

Mail your questions

Happy Clients feedback

Mind-blowing experience

Working with her was such a blessing. I was able to get so much insight on how to navigate through the coming years of my transformation into my true self. We connected to the most loving guides who helped me understand more of my true self. I will definitely be booking many more sessions with her in the future. Just knowing her brings me so much joy and all the happy happy tears! Thank you Annick for being such a light on this earth plane.

Kytrina Garrett
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Amazing experience

Thank you thank you thank you!! I highly reccommend a session with Annick! This is exactly what I needed. Such beautiful guidance, I haven’t felt this empowered in a long time. Thanks for helping me get rid of some layers and start getting back to my true authentic self. Very grateful for this experience. Only brighter days ahead.

Tiffany Jones

Thanks to Annick my guides

Thanks to Annick my guides became a more tangible part of my reality. I have never felt so not alone and for that I am forever grateful.


A really wonderful experience and

A really wonderful experience and defiantly brought a lot of clarity to me!



I had such a beautiful experience with Annick. Her energy was so calming and grounded, it really put me at ease and allowed me to surrender to everything that came through…. and what came through was exactly what needed! I felt the truth and integrity of the messages received and I was able to experience deep healing and release on a personal issue that i have been working through.

These have been tumultuous times for me and I feel so much appreciation and gratitude to have been guided to Annick and to have received the healing and clarity I needed to help me move forward on my journey.

An Nguyen

I want to give Annick

I want to give Annick and great big thank you. That channeling session was exactly what I needed. So many synchronizes happened after that session. I totally recommend her.

Diana Rojas

2BU helped me get to the next level!

I worked with Annick at 2BU and am amazed at the results. She helped me achieve what I had thought was impossible not only in my work life, but my personal life as well. I highly recommend working with Annick!

Jenny Mitchell

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