Single Parent

Dec 3, 2018

I’ve had so many questions from single parents the past weeks, that I feel I need to share my story, because it can help you.

I’ve been raising my children on my own for 18 years now, today the 3 of them are young adults. The most important for me during their education was their “emotional wellbeing”, I never focused on the material stuff, even though I love to spoil them.

But making them feel safe emotionally was my focus!

Feeling loved, never judged, able to trust me all the time is important for me to give to them.

My personality is always been a doer; negative, failing, impossible are not in my vocabulary or in my energy. By looking back on my life, I realized that I had moments in my life where being a single parent was hard for me.

I cried alone in my bed at night, keeping my head up for my business, my dreams and the wellbeing of my children was getting heavy for me.

Admitting this out loud to myself took some time, I felt “Shame”, how could I think this!

Food, close, a bed are things you can ask anybody to help you with, family, organizations there are ways to find support.

  • Feeling emotionally strong, knowing you are “Unconditionally” loved at all times.
  • Knowing that I (me as mom) have your back always.
  • Being able to trust me all the time.

This is what I gave my children.

It gave them the space & courage to believe in themselves and face the challenges they encountered on their path.

I believe I gave them a great and strong fundament to build their life with and face challenges life will bring them.

When I took time to reflect on this, my “success” their wellbeing, seeing them happy, independent, making their own decisions, loving & supporting me when I was feeling a little down, I admitted to myself that I did well.

I felt such a relief! I can feel it through my whole body.

This is the beginning of my story, I’ll share with you during December how I managed to create an exciting life for myself and being a great “parent” for my kids.

Be sweet with yourself.



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